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Material Icon Theme

Material Icon Theme The Material Icon Theme provides lots of icons based on Material Design for Visual Studio Code. It gives a rich look to your visual studio code. Download It: Material Icon Theme  File Icons:  Folder Icon :  After the installation did you have to change the file icon theme using menu File, Preferences, File Icon Theme And Choose it as  below  Finally, my VsCode looks like,

angular 6 tutorial for beginners step by step

Angular 6 for  beginners Requisites (Development Environment) : Node JS  - Download and install  (Latest) Visual Studio Code  - download and install Install Angular CLI (Command Line interface)  using the following command in terminal or command prompt npm i -g @angular/cli refer the below image. if you did the above three steps your system environment is ready for development. Requisites (knowledge-based) : The basic idea about HTML The basic idea about CSS Basic knowledge with TypeScript    or we will discuss it  Chrome browser debugging ( Inspect element option) or we will discuss it  Create your first project  using ng CLI Command Line interface Open your visual-studio code  To open the integrated terminal  in Vs Code in  view menu click integrated terminal or using the shortcut (Ctrl+`) navigate to your project directory using  CD (change directory ) command  as below For Creating new angular Project use