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TypeScript Type Test Part 2 Working with Array Like javascript type script allows to work with an array of values Declaration  Two Type of Declaration  //With Element Type  MostSpokenLangs: string[] = [' Mandarin Chinese','English','Hindustani ', 'Spanish','Arabic','Malay','Russian','Bengali','Portuguese','French']; //generic Type  MostSpokenLangs: Array<string> = [' Mandarin Chinese','English','Hindustani ', 'Spanish','Arabic','Malay','Russian','Bengali','Portuguese','French']; Length to find the length of the array arrayname.length ElementAccess  to  access  a element in a array arrayname[elementindex]= value  foreach()  for each element in the array foreachaccess() {   this.myarrayoutput.foreachaccess ='';   this.MostSpokenLangs.forEach(el => {     this.myarrayoutpu