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SVG Group Element and D3
Before we start to SVG Group Element and D3 refer
D3 Part 1 - SVG Shapes.D3 Part 2-  D3 + Angular 7 Integration .D3 Part 3-  D3 Data Bound to DOM Elements.D3 Part 4-  D3 Creating SVG Elements Based on Data.D3 Part 5-  D3 SVG Coordinate Space.D3 Part 6-  Data Structures Using D3.D3 Part 7-  Dynamic SVG Coordinate Space Using D3.D3 Part 8-  Basic D3 Array Utilities.SVG Group Element and D3

In this lab we will understand the SVG group element The SVG Group Element is a container that contains all child SVG elements defined inside of it.The SVG Group Element is defined by <g> and </g>.
Major Use of SVG Group element is  Grouping -To group a set of SVG elements that share the same attribute.Transforming - To define a new coordinate system for a set of SVG elements by applying a transformation to each coordinate specified in this set of SVG elements.
For Experiment starts with 3 Red Circles and 3 blue circles. Step 1: Create a div with id circleelementdatabou…