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Angular 7 D3| D3 SVG Coordinate Space|D3| D3 Part5

D3 SVG Coordinate Space Before we start D3 SVG Coordinate Space refer  D3 Part 1  - SVG Shapes D3 Part 2 -  D3 + Angular 7 Integration  D3 Part 3 -  D3 Data Bound to DOM Elements D3 Part 4 -  D3 Creating SVG Elements Based on Data D3 SVG Coordinate Space  Like graph we can define the SVG elements coordinates.Using  D3.js to add SVG elements to specific coordinates in a graph based on data. Coordinates Data-set // Data set Created for circle elements radious let  coordinatesDS= [50, 100, 150,200,250,300,350]; SVG Circle Element Coordinate Space  without using D3  refer W3schools  Basic Coordinate Attributes are cx: x-axis coordinate of the center of the circle. cy: y-axis coordinate of the center of the circle. without d3 , how actually cx and cy works with svg let's  see the below example // example code <div id="circleelement" > <svg height="200" width="200"> <circle cx="50" cy="50"