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Angular 7 D3| Data Structures Using D3|D3| D3 Part6

Data Structures To SVG Elements Using D3

Before we start to Apply Data Structures To SVG Elements Using D3 refer D3 Part 1 - SVG ShapesD3 Part 2-  D3 + Angular 7 Integration D3 Part 3-  D3 Data Bound to DOM ElementsD3 Part 4-  D3 Creating SVG Elements Based on DataD3 Part 5-  D3 SVG Coordinate SpaceData Structures To SVG Elements Using D3
In this lab you will understand how to apply data structure to SVG elements using D3. What are the data structure available in Typescript? Stack,Queue,Array,Etc. Here We are going to apply array of user defined type to SVG element Create User Defined Type Declare User Defined Type as below export class lab6type {
public xpos: number = 0;
public ypos: number = 0;
public radious: number = 0;
public highlight: string ='';
} Create DataSet  export const lab6data:lab6type[] = [
{ xpos: 20,ypos: 20,radious: 10,highlight: 'red'},
{ xpos: 40,ypos: 40,radious: 10,highlight: 'green'},
{ xpos: 60,ypos: 60,radious: 10,highlight: 'yello…