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SVG Text Element and D3

Before we start to SVG text Element and D3 refer
SVG Text Element and D3
In this Lab, We will cover the SVG's Text Element.The <text> element is used to define a text.
To Write  a text inside the SVG
<svg height="30" width="200">
<text x="0" y="15" fill="blue">Welcome to the SVG Basic's</text>
We will experiment with how the text element is going to use as label using D3?
Step 1: Create a div with id circleelementdatabound in html template
<div id="circleelementdatabound" ></div>
Step 2: Import D3 in required component.ts
import * as d3 from 'd3';
Step 3: Create user defined class
export class D3lab10 {
public xpos: number = 0;
public ypos: number = 0;
public radious: number = 0;
public highlight: string ='';
public label: string ='';
Step 4: Create a  dataset as below
export const lab10data:D3lab10[] = [
{ xpos: 0,ypos: 0,radious: 0,highlight: 'red',label: ''},
{ xpos: 0,ypos: 0,radious: 0,highlight: 'red',label: ''},
{ xpos: 0,ypos: 0,radious: 0,highlight: 'red',label: ''},
Step 5: Inside ngOnInit() method  write the below code
// Div element selected from angular's Component
let divcircleelementdatabound ='#circleelementdatabound');
// svg element added inside the selected div element
let svgforcircleelements = divcircleelementdatabound.append('svg')
.attr('width', 1000)
.attr('height', 500);
// Dynamic coordinate space
let firstdata: D3lab10 = lab10data[0];
firstdata.xpos = 20;
firstdata.ypos = 20;
firstdata.radious = 10;
firstdata.label = '('+firstdata.xpos+','+firstdata.ypos+')';
for (let i = 1; i < lab10data.length; i++){
let prev: D3lab10 = lab10data[i-1];
let current: D3lab10 = lab10data[i];
current.radious = 10;
current.xpos = prev.xpos+50;
current.ypos = prev.ypos+50;
current.label = '('+current.xpos+','+current.ypos+')';
// Apply the Data set to svgforcircleelements
let bluecircleelements = svgforcircleelements.selectAll('circle')
.attr('cx', function (d) { return d.xpos; })
.attr('cy', function (d) { return d.ypos;})
.attr('r',function (d) { return d.radious;})
.style('fill', 'blue');
// append text 
let textements = svgforcircleelements.selectAll('text')
.attr('x', function (d) { return d.xpos; })
.attr('y', function (d) { return d.ypos;})
.text(function(d) {return d.label;})
.attr('font-family', 'sans-serif')
.attr('font-size', '20px')
.attr('fill', 'red');
Step 6: Run the Project and see the result
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