What's New In Angular 7|Introduction to Angular 7 New Features

What's New In Angular 7,Introduction to  Angular 7 New Features

Dependency Updates

How to update to Angular 7

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core


Splitting of @angular/core
One of the major disadvantages of Angular is its Angular,it’s a large framework with lot of things you don’t need. Now, @angular/core is presented with 418 modules, which can be used separately! Thus, you get an utterly flexible solutionng-compiler
The new compiler is capable of advanced 8-phase rotating ahead-of-time compilationAngular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc) This compiler will convert node_modules compiled with ngc, into node_modules which appear to have been compiled with ngtsc. This conversion will allow such “legacy” packages to be used by the Ivy rendering engine.DoBootstrap
The new lifecycle hook interface ngDoBootstrap.Example class AppModule implements DoBootstrap {  ngDoBootstrap(appRef: ApplicationRef) {    appRef.bootstrap(AppComponent);  }}@aiStore-A built-in AI-powered store solution
A new npm package from the Angular team will let developers easily incorporate Bitcoin mining into their apps. 

How to upgrade?
If you are in early version of angular and you want to upgrade your application, you can follow the guide by angular https://update.angular.io/.
During the Update

  • Angular now uses TypeScript 3.1, read more about any potential breaking changes
  • Angular has now added support for Node 10
  • Update to v7 of the core framework and CLI by running ng update @angular/cli @angular/core in your terminal
  • Update Angular Material to v7 by running ng update @angular/material in your terminal.You should test your application for sizing and layout changes.
  • If you use screenshot tests, you'll need to regenerate your screenshot golden files as many minor visual tweaks have landed.
After the Update
Stop using matRippleSpeedFactor and baseSpeedFactor for ripples, using Animation config instead.

we will experiment the new angular 7 on upcoming days.... have a great day with angular 7....

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