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Angular Material for Angular 6,Angular Material for Angular,Angular Material for beginners

Angular with Material Design Creating Angular 6 Project  With Material Design by using below steps 
To create  Angular 6 project refer angular 6 tutorial for beginners step by step and open it from Visual Studio Code. and go with below steps, 
Step 1: Open an Integrated terminal and execute below command npm install --save @angular/material @angular/cdk @angular/animations

Step 2:  Open app.module.ts file and it exists in folder src => app and add Browser Animations Module, Mat Button Module.

Step 3: import  Browser Animations Module into your  project for animation support

import {BrowserAnimationsModule} from'@angular/platform-browser/animations'; @NgModule({ ... imports: [BrowserAnimationsModule], ...
Step 3: Add Angular material prebuild theme globally in styles.css
Step 4: To add Material Button  import MatButtonModule from '@angular/material'

import {MatButtonModule} from '@angular/ma…