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Angular7 Routing|Angular7 Navigation between components|RouteModule

Angular7 Routing|Angular7 Navigation between components|RouteModuleAPI : import { RouterModule,Route } from '@angular/router';

Route Routes tell the router which view to display when a user clicks a link or pastes a URL into the browser address bar. Route has two basic properties: path: a string that matches the URL in the browser address bar. component: the component that the router should create when navigating to this route. export const allbaseroutes: Route[] =[
{ path: 'Lab1', component: D3Lab1Component},
{ path: 'Lab2', component: D3lab2Component},
{ path: 'Lab3', component: D3lab3Component}
]; RouterModule.forRoot() Add RouterModule to the @NgModule.imports array and configure it with the routes in one step by calling RouterModule.forRoot() within the imports array as below in App.module.ts
  imports:      [ BrowserModule, FormsModule, RouterModule.forRoot(allbaseroutes) ],
  declarations: [ AppComponent, HelloComponent, D3Lab1Component, D3l…